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Associate Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Redemption Poiont

Redemption Point is a 3-years old church plant near the heart of Little Saigon in Orange County, California. We are targeting the un-reached population of English-speaking 2nd-generation children of Asian immigrants (predominantly Vietnamese). The church plant is average 100 in attendance (including kids), and has a strong Gospel-centered leaning. At this point we are looking for an Associate Pastor to help our Lead Pastor serve the church.

The Associate Pastor is called to live out and Associate Redemption Point church in its Mission and Vision: become a gospel-centered community in redeeming relationship to God and to the people, whom will be captivated by God’ s love, grow together in His Spirit, serve and share the Gospel of Jesus.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Associate Pastor shall:

1) Model a deepening relationship with Christ through prayerful dependence, studying scripture, having a missional mind-set, intentionally creating relationships through a vibrant Christian life.

2) Support the Lead Pastor as they together oversee the affairs of the church, typically specialized in specific operational areas such as youth or young adults.

3) Lead, equip, and provide accountability for the ministry teams as they carry out the vision of the church. He is also expected to cooperate with the church’s Elders and Leaders.

4) Fill in when the Lead Pastor is not available:

a) Preach and teach the Gospel, coordinate worship and other congregational life activities.

b) Fulfill the sacerdotal duties of the pastoral office (i.e. weddings, funerals, ordinances).

5) Be heavily involved in outreach, follow-up new comers, and providing pastoral visitations

6) Provide biblical counseling to church members regarding spiritual matters. Refer to professional counselor when necessary.

7) Always accomplish the work of the church, when appropriate, through the work of volunteers.

SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS: The Associate Pastor must:

1) Be a faithful man, who agrees with the Statement of Faith of Redemption Point, who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and has the gifts necessary to lead and teach. He must meet the scriptural qualifications for the position as outlined 1Tim.3:1-7, Titus1:5-9, and 1Tim.5:17, and as described in the Constitution of RP.

2) While he might not be ordained yet, the Associate Pastor should be on the ordination track in the Christians & Missionary Alliance or similar denominations.

3) Have competency to fulfill the purpose and professional responsibilities of this position.

4) Be a curious life-long learner with a teachable attitude.

SPECIFIC DUTIES: The Associate Pastor will:

1) Participate in regular staff meetings with the Pastors as well as leadership meetings of the church

2) On an ongoing basis, plans for, organizes, and implements operational activities program for the specific areas of ministry assigned to him. Currently the pressing needs of the church are:

a) Pastoral oversight in the development of lay-leaders in Students Ministries (College, Youth, Children)

b) Evangelism/Outreach

c) Administrative organization for the First-Impression Teams (Setup, Teardown, Hospitality)

3) Recruit/train the volunteers for ministry, and develop leaders for the church

4) Meet with other church leaders at VECFV, VAY, Coastal & LCdA as needed for joint ministry. Wisely represent RP at the District conference and other functions.

5) Formally be evaluated and held accountable by the Elders every two years in accordance to RP Constitution and denominational practices.

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Salary: $24,000 - $48,000

Date Modified: 12/9/2013

Job Category: Associate Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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