Associate Pastor - Montrose, PA

Associate Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Montrose, PA 18801 Evangelical Free Church of Montrose

The Evangelical Free Church of Montrose (Montrose, Pennsylvania) is searching for a full-time Associate Pastor. The position is open for immediate calling. The Associate Pastor must be a mature man of God, sound in faith and doctrine, with the qualities contained in 1Timothy 3: 1-13; 4: 12-15; and Titus 1: 5-9. He will report to the Lead Pastor, assisting in several key areas of ministry in a contemporary, growing and evangelical congregation of approximately 175. Applicants must be gifted and passionate about administration, missions and disciple-making. The applicant must also be energetic, creative, and well-organized while possessing excellent communication skills. He should be a man of prayer and be able to teach the Word of God as called upon. He must be willing to subscribe to the By-Laws of the Evangelical Free Church of Montrose and be able to submit to the authority of the Lead Pastor. Salary and benefits are based on experience and education.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Evangelical Free Church of Montrose, PO Box 326, Montrose, PA 18801 or email

The Associate Pastor will administer, lead or have some responsibility for:

Servant Team: Administration of the Servant Team includes oversight for the specific needs of the church and community, communication and delegation of ministry responsibilities within the Servant’s Team and follow-up with leaders responsible for tasks. This will include providing an example to the church of servant leadership. (administration, communication, organization, servant leadership)

Missions Partnerships: The Associate Pastor will be responsible for the oversight of the Missions Resource Team as well as ongoing administration of the Missions Partnership with the Evangelical Free Church of West Africa. This area of responsibility will include coordination of efforts locally as well as with the Liberian ministry partners. (administration, communication, missions passion)

Life Groups: The Associate Pastor will oversee the small group ministry in the church, including leadership development efforts, assimilation of church attendees into appropriate groups and the raising awareness for the groups in the local assembly. Associated duties include occasional visits to each small group and on-going leadership evaluation and training. (administration, communication, disciple-making mindset)

Teaching: The Associate Pastor will be charged with teaching in various formats, including a small group or weekly bible study context. As needed, the Associate Pastor will also be called upon to preach from the pulpit during Sunday morning worship service. (teaching, preaching)

Other Duties: As with any ministry, additional needs for ministry oversight and leadership arise. A level of flexibility will be required as the Associate Pastor may be charged with other (currently undefined) tasks under the authority and leading of the Lead Pastor. (servant leadership, flexibility)

Date Modified: 12/12/2012

Job Category: Associate Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Evangelical Free

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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