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Chief Operating Officer (Part time), Kauai, HI

Friends of Bethany Hamilton

Kauai, HI

Chief Operating Officer Synopsis:

The Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation (FOBH) Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the oversight and implementation of internal operations of the Organization. These internal operations would include, but are not limited to: 1) Administrative Systems and Staff (General Administration, Annual Financial Reports, Amazon Seller Accounts, etc.); 2) Charitable Program (The Administrative responsibilities for Program
such as; Inspirational Product Sales, Encouragement Packages, Outreach Events, etc.); and 3) Development and implementation of the FOBH strategic growth plan.

The COO will work closely with the Executive Director (ED) and FOBH Board and will take into consideration the Organization’s grass-roots past and current opportunity for large-scale growth. The COO will take responsibility for building solid administrative systems, and eventually staff, in order to effectively support the broader-scale Programs,
which will be implemented in the months and years to come. The COO will additionally work closely with the ED and FOBH Board to strengthen the Charitable Programs of the Organization, this element of the job will be team focused, with the Board and ED creating the vision and the COO implementing the necessary internal systems to effectively
execute the Program needs.

A good COO will be able to take FOBH to a new level of effectiveness; Focusing their attention on Internal needs and systems, the COO will free up the ED to focus on External needs such as Vision Casting, Fundraising, Public/Donor Relations, Partnerships, and Program.

Chief Operating Officer Description:

• Oversee, strategize, and execute the Internal Operations for Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation.

• Maintain a good working rapport with the FOBH Executive Director, working
closely together in their own functions, to move the Organization forward efficiently in a way that honors God
• Focus on the Internal functions of FOBH, thereby freeing up the Executive Director to focus on the External functions
• Increase the overall effectiveness of FOBH Administrative and Program dealings
• Assess the growing opportunities for strengthening the infrastructure of FOBH and implement systems as appropriate

• Oversee all FOBH Internal Administrative Systems and Staff
• Keep track quarterly of FOBH profit and loss, according to the annual budget, and make suggestions to Board if changes are necessary
• Manage FOBH’s online presence and functions
o Amazon Store
o Website and blog
o Social Media
• Oversee the development and implementation of a follow up strategy for amputees and survivors, ensure proper documentation of all individuals FOBH
reaches out to
• Assist the ED with Administrative tasks that pertain to Donor Relations, such as creating an Annual Report, etc.
• Work with the ED to Plan retreats, camps, or other event-based outreach programs

• A combination of Managerial, Administrative, and Ministry experience is essential
o 5-7 years Supervisory and/or Staff training experience is required
o 5-7 years Administrative experience is required
o 3-5 years Department Director experience at a non-profit
o 3-5 years Ministry experience is preferred
• Evidence of being a self-starter, easily taking initiative to get the job done
• The ability to work efficiently, managing multiple projects and deadlines without supervision
• The ability to assess the changing needs of a growing organization, and adapt effectively to help further the missional impact of the Organization
• A love for God and a desire to share His gospel through life stories
• A passion for ministry and compassion and love for others

• The Chief Operating Officer will be accountable to the ED and the Board of Directors

Hours and Compensation
• This is a part-time position (19 hours per week), to start
• $1,600 per month
• Probationary period 6 months
Salary: $1k - $2k
Job Category: Business Administration
Job Status: Interim
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