Children And Family Pastor - Englewood, CO

Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Englewood, CO 80113 Wellspring Church

Reporting to the Lead Pastor, the Children and Family Pastor is responsible for developing ministry vision, strategic direction and overseeing the execution of ministries to children, youth, parents and families. Our Children and Family Pastor will practically apply a whole-family approach to children’s ministry that includes the equipping of parents to lead their children well in addition to excellent children’s teaching and discipleship programs. This Pastor will be responsible for building and leading a strong ministry team comprised of paid staff, parents and volunteers who will love, teach and minister to Wellspring’s children and youth. The ideal candidate will be a leader who is self-motivated, creative, a strong problem-solver, strategic, action-oriented, relationally focused, burdened for children and families and, above all else, a devoted follower of Christ. For a complete job description, visit

Date Modified: 11/15/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican

Worship Style: Blended

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