Children & Youth Ministry Assistant - Lyons, KS

Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Lyons, KS 67554 First Baptist Lyons

Pastoral Assistant in the Area of Children & Youth Ministries

I. Certification
The Pastoral Children & Youth Ministries assistant shall be working toward a preferred Bachelor or undergraduate degree from an accredited college, or university concentrating in ministry and/or equivalent Bachelor's degree with experience.

II. General Statements
A. The Youth Ministry Assistant is responsible to the Senior Pastor and the Deacons. He/She is subject to this job description and in terms of Christian Education to CE board and is subject to the direction set by the Pastor, Deacons and Christian Education board. Above all, he/she is subject to the Great Shepherd of the Church – the Lord Jesus Christ.

B. The Children and Youth Ministry Assistant will have the primary responsibility of assisting in the planning, developing, coordinating, directing, evaluating, and enhancing the ministry of the children and youth programs.

C. Working closely with the Senior Pastor, some connected boards, and within the vision established by the Senior Pastor and church, he/she shall fulfill the duties of his ministry.

III. Key Results Areas (KRAs)

A. Responsible for planning the following programmed events, recruiting volunteers for events, coordinating events, measuring the success of events, and making changes to improve the events.
• Children’s Church
• Weekly Youth group meeting/service(s) (food, game, dessert, worship meeting, and small group time).
• Developing and implementing a calendar of events for the both Children and Youth.
B. Specific Duties:
1. Recruit and oversee a leadership team to assist with all facets of the youth ministry. Incorporate laity as needed to enhance this ministry. Work with CE board and Sunday School Superintendent to ensure the teaching for Children and Youth is balanced and geared toward life change.
2. With direction of Senior Pastor and Deacons impart and implement a Biblical mission and vision for the children youth ministry.
3. Develop and implement a means to target students to become ongoing participants in children and youth ministry.
4. Help the Pastor Develop, implement, and maintain a strategy for discipleing children as the ministry grows.
5. Develop meaningful relationships with all participants as appropriate to include the following: accountability in personal and spiritual growth (discipleship), guidance in decisions and personal development, counsel, and unconditional love and support.
6. Develop a small group ministry for students. Design small groups for seekers and more spiritually minded.
7. Plan and develop additional ministries as led by the Holy Spirit.
8. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Overall purpose of this ministry is to build relationships with the kids so they are open to the gospel message in their lives and maintain a consistent environment for them to grow in as they approach middle school, high school, and college.

IV. Additional Expectations

A. Administration and Salary
1. The salary will be based on $12-15/hr on a 20 hour work week
2. Participate in a weekly meeting before or after Wednesday program. This meeting will be with the Pastor and/or others involved in the ministry to assistant for prayer, vision casting, assessment of ministries, calendar of events, and other.
B. Character
The Pastoral assistant must have a growing, intimate walk with the Lord Jesus and exemplify the character of Christ in every aspect of his life. He/she is to be of excellent repute in the church as well as in the community.

This job description is subject to change as the needs of the church, pastor, and pastoral assistant warrant.

Salary: $12,000 - $15,000

Date Modified: 2/12/2013

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Baptist -American

Worship Style: Blended

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