Children's And Office Ministry Coordinator - Moline, IL

Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Moline, IL 61265 MCC-Memorial Christian Church

Dynamic, growing Disciples of Christ congregation located in Moline IL seeks an enthusiastic, committed servant to lead as our Children's and Office Ministry Coordinator. This is a part-time position (@ 16 hours per week) WITH POTENTIAL. Duties include oversight of our nursery and the Kindergarten - Grade 6 Children's Church (including Sunday morning and special events), as well as general office duties (preparing the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, answering phone calls, Children's ministry follow up, organizing church calendar and sending out weekly e-mail reminders). Relevant experience is required. Salary is competitive. Please send resume & references to Memorial Christian Church, 4506 41st St. Moline, IL 61265 attention Pastor Chuck Dorsey, call the ministry center office at 309-757-1300, or respond via email to Visit for more information about our ministries.

We are looking for an energetic person who loves Jesus Christ, young people and families, and is interested in reaching them with the good news of Christ in inovative ways. We need someone who is able to create and maintaine a quality children's ministry, and is experienced in the area of recruiting voulenteers to serve in this position.

Salary: $9,000 - $13,000

Date Modified: 11/25/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Christian Church

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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