Children's Ministry Pastor - Shepherdsville, KY

Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Shepherdsville, KY 40165 New Hope Christian Fellowship A/G

New Hope Christian Fellowship A/G of Shepherdsville, KY is seeking a Children's Ministry Pastor. A family or couple would be preferred, but not required. We would love to fill this position by January 2013. At this point, New Hope is holding Sunday morning services at local conference center, Paroquet Springs. As a part of our re-launch, we are seeking a strong children's pastor to develop and grow this vital ministry. We set-up and tear down each Sunday. This ministry opportunity would initially consist of weekly Children's church preparation, set-up, Children's church service from 11 AM - 12:30 PM and tear down. Family follow-up and social media updates weekly as well.
This position will begin as part-time and hopefully grow from there.
(This is a great opportunity to build a powerful children's ministry and in turn help build New Hope in Shepherdsville. Because of this, we are open to strong seminary students with a desire to serve in Children's ministry. Also, would consider servants from other larger area churches who would like to serve in this ministry on Sunday mornings.)
Please send your resume and interent to ASAP.
Thanks! Pastor Nathan Schroeder

Date Modified: 11/30/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Assembly of God

Worship Style: Blended

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