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Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Seattle, WA 98108 Seattle Chinese Alliance Church

At Seattle Chinese Alliance we are focused on making disciples that (1) love God far above all other loves (Matt. 22:37); (2) Pursue Jesus’ vision of Trinitarian community (John 17); and (3) prioritize God’s heart for justice and mercy (Matt. 23:23).

Seattle Chinese Alliance is a growing church located in Seattle’s culturally diverse Beacon Hill neighborhood. We are seeking a Children's Pastor with a passion to serve the Lord, children & their families. An M.A. in Religious Education is desired along with strong communication, administrative and organizational skills.

S/he will oversee and take responsibility of all children's programs and ministries from nursery through 5th grade. This includes the following areas: Nursery, Sunday School, Jr. Worship, special events, parent education classes, recruiting and training volunteers. Sunday attendance: 600+, Children’s SS attendance: 75-100

Email Resume: Christina Hong (, 206-725-0771

I. Personal Requirements
• Spiritual Formation. Displays evidence of a deep ongoing spiritual life and is passionate about the spiritual formation of children and their families.
• Highly Relational. Extroverted and develops new relationships easily. Teachable, team player with strong oral and written communication skills. Able to delegate and train people to do ministry and develop positive relationships.
• Education & Professional Development. M.A. Religious education. Networking and mentorship with other Children’s Minister’s for encouragement and personal development.
II. Authority
• Shall report to and serve under the direction of the English Ministry Pastor.
• Shall provide vision, direction and spiritual formation to paid and volunteer children’s ministry staff.
• Shall participate in performance reviews and receive regular feedback from English Ministry Pastor.
III. Pastoral Responsibilities
• General Overview: To direct a comprehensive children’s program (newborn through grade 5) designed to assist parents in teaching their children to know, love and follow Jesus Christ. You will oversee all ministries related to children with the goal of assisting the church in its overall vision as it applies to children.
• Vision: Vision with the pastoral team to create a Children’s and Family ministry that implements SCAC’s three-fold purpose of creating disciples.
• Gifted Administration: Spiritual giftedness in Administration is required to lead Children’s Ministry, recruit volunteers, scheduling and logistics, research and develop curriculum, oversee Jr. Worship, toddler worship and special event ministries such as Children’s Carnival and other events that may arise. Provide concurrent children’s program for Adult Retreat, Summer Conference and Parenting conferences. Must be able to work proficiently with minimal supervision.
• Communication/Coordination: Communication of children’s ministry issues/concerns to the pastoral staff, boards and congregation. Quarterly newsletter to parents. Weekly communication with volunteers.
• Training/Equipping: Supervision, training and ongoing development of children’s ministry volunteers. Screening of all children’s ministry volunteers before placing them in ministry.
• Family Ministry: Coordinate with and assist the church in planning events and ministry for family interaction, parental education classes, outreach and nurture.
• Cleanliness: Organize and stock the classrooms and ensure their cleanliness and safety.
• Finances: Oversee budget and expenditures for the children’s ministry department. Prepare and submit annual Children’s Ministry budget to supervisor for approval.
• Transition: Coordinate with youth pastor each year to transition outgoing 5th graders (and their parents) to youth ministry program.

Skills: Proficient in MS Office, Word, Excel, Publisher. Bilingual Cantonese/English preferred but not required.

Salary: $35,000 - $50,000

Date Modified: 12/17/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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