Children's Pastor/Director - Rogers, AR

Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Rogers, AR 72712 Grace Hills Church

Grace Hills Church is a new church plant in northwest Arkansas, and highly values kids and families! We’re searching for the next member of our staff team to lead our kids’ ministry.


- Must be a believer and living a life consistent with our Staff Covenant (must be signed by all staff).

- Must be a team player who understands and embraces our Core Values.

- Must have a desire to be part of a new church plant with a strong vision for multiplication.

- Must be a self-starter who loves creating and shaping culture in at atmosphere that changes continually.

- Must love Jesus, and MUST LOVE KIDS!!

Job Description

The Director/Pastor of Children’s Ministry serves as a spiritual leader in the church and will provide leadership and direction for our kids’ ministry. This leader will help to grow a ministry that introduces kids to Jesus, helps them grow spiritually, and prepares them for a ministry and a mission in the world. This leader will also share the responsibility of the pastoral staff for the welfare of the church as a whole. Further, this leader will be charged with raising up, empowering, and sending out children’s ministry leaders to help fuel a multiplying movement of churches.


- Implement the vision of Grace Hills Church in relation to kids.

- Oversee the curriculum used in kids ministry.

- Show genuine love to families.

- Discover, develop, and release leaders and servants in kids ministry.

- Coordinate special kids ministry events.

- Give oversight to childcare, preschool, and elementary worship.

- Develop a “kids small group” ministry over time.

- Coordinate communication between volunteers and to the congregation and community.

- Be creative.

- Other related tasks as assigned.

Date Modified: 11/19/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Baptist -Other

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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