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Children's Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Englewood , CO 80150 Cadence International

US Military Chapel Children's Directors: Video of our Ministries:

Cadence International is a ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel and our lives with military members and their families around the world. All Cadence staff raise their support like YFC or YL staff. Cadence trains and supports all its staff in fund raising.

Cadence Children's Ministries ministers to US military children stationed with their parents on US bases in foreign countries. There are 1.2 million military dependents stationed around the world and in the US with 60-70, 000 living overseas. There are less than 100 youth pastors reaching out to these students and less than 2% of them attend worship at all. Their cultural and geographical isolation in addition to their parents tenuous employment as soldiers makes them an ideal audience to hear and experience the Gospel. It's and overseas mission experience and you don't have to learn a language. 60% of the students that enter into our ministries start out unchurched. It's a great opportunity to do the evangelistic ministry you've always wanted.

We currently have a variety of staffing needs around the world in places like: Germany, Korea, Japan, Okinawa. CCM is a new minsitry start up and we are looking for motivated people to be a part of starting a ministry to reach this people group. Community Director: As a Community director your primary responsibility would be to oversea the implementation of Cadence's vision in a military community to reach, equip and disciple military children and volunteers. You would begin by developing model ministries, then move on to investing the majority of your energy into training and discipling leaders for youth ministry. Should have a BA w/ 30hrs of Bible or Youth Ministry and 1-5 years of experience. Minimum commitment: 4 years

For more information go to this webpage:

We have openings in military communities like: Kaiserlautern/Landstuhl, Germany Camp Zama, Japan, Yokosuka Naval Station, Japan, Osan AFB, Korea Camp Humphrey's, Korea, Guam, Iwakuni Naval Base, Japan, Sasebo Naval Base, Japan and many other US military installations.

Salary: $39,000 - $60,000

Date Modified: 12/26/2012

Job Category: Children's Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Contact Employer

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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