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Christian Edu Pastor Church/Ministry Job in WOODSTOCK , GA 30188 CATALYST CHURCH

We are looking for a Children’s Ministry Director for a new church plant in Woodstock, GA. We are a non-denominational church whose beliefs are scripturally based. Our website is where you can learn more about us, what we believe, etc.

This is a part-time paid position. The Children’s Ministry Coordinator will be creative and energetic, highly relational, organized, theologically grounded and deeply committed to the ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ. We would prefer someone who has had experience (either paid or unpaid) in Children’s Ministry and who is looking to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of our church family and their elementary-aged children. We are using a great curriculum, have a great group of volunteers, and need your leadership to grow this vital area of our church.

1) A growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a strong desire to share the Good News with others, especially children.
2) Active participation in worship
3) Good organization skills and self-motivation
4) Good communication skills with the ability to relate well to children and adults (parents, volunteers, pastor, etc.)
5) An openness to learn.

The Elementary (K-4th grade) group is at present staffed with volunteers.

Coordination and weekly duties would include:
1) Creating and developing an exciting worship/teaching time for K-4th grade children
2) Lead the Children’s worship/teaching time for K-4th grades during the worship service time and develop a group of volunteers who can help lead and teach.
3) Having all materials prepared and distributed to teachers and volunteers during the prior week so that their preparation alongside yours would be “of excellence.”
4) During the year we would want you to plan for special activities (Easter, Christmas, etc.) for the children as we grow.
5) You would need to make sure your rooms are prepared for Sunday morning, ensuring maintenance, appearance, cleanliness of classrooms, etc.
6) Ordering/obtaining supplies as needed and within budget;
7) Recruiting, scheduling and leading the volunteers
8) Keeping in touch closely with parents during the week to encourage attendance and participation in Sunday services each week.
9) Attendance at all church and leadership events
10) Develop a system of follow-up for first-time guests
11) Other assignments made by the Pastor

Sunday mornings: (10-12:30)
1) Be a loving enthusiastic presence, responding to needs from parents, volunteers and children as they arrive
2) Help with gathering the children as class time begins
3) Responsible for leading Elementary Worship/Teaching using volunteers as needed
4) Help welcome, include and track visitors and new members, focusing on those with children.

Average of 10 to 12 hours/week including Sunday morning

Accountability and support:
1) Will report directly to the Lead pastor
2) Administrative help is available as needed.

Salary: $3,000 - $5,000

Date Modified: 3/7/2013

Job Category: Christian Edu Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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