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Combo Role Church/Ministry Job in Charles Town, WV 25414 Harvest Pointe Community Church

This position will primarily oversee both the student and worship ministries of Harvest Pointe Community Church. It is accountable to the Elders of HPCC and reports directly to the Directional/Teaching Elder.
• Student Ministries – Leading the ministry for youth discipleship for all students who are currently in grades 6-12.
• Worship Ministries – Overseeing the coordination of all technical arts (musicians, vocalists, audio/video personnel, etc.) for weekly worship services.

Minimum Qualifications
Experience: Previous full-time ministry experience in student and/or worship ministry is preferred but not mandatory. Experience in leading/participating in worship ministry with a full band is a must.
Education: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably with a focus in Biblical studies, student and/or worship ministry, or another field that would prepare the candidate for vocational ministry. Consideration may also be given to candidates having experience and demonstrated proficiency in the field but may not obtain the appropriate educational credentials.
Knowledge, skills, and gifts:
• Leadership – The candidate must be self-motivated, determined to strive for excellence, and able to inspire others to do likewise. Candidate must be a mature and growing disciple.
• Communication – The candidate must speak the truth in love, and share a clear vision for those under leadership. Candidate must also be willing to work in collaboration with others and receive constructive criticism.
• Passion for Students – The candidate should possess an obvious desire to work with students and pour into their lives through being active in their church lives and personal lives alike.
• Planning and organization – The candidate must be able to conceive and follow a project through to completion. The candidate needs to recruit volunteers to the ministry to equip others and to expand its impact.
• Service-oriented – The candidate needs to be a “team player” with a heart for all the ministries of the church. While not expected to be a part of every church function or ministry, the candidate needs to be willing to serve as needs arise.
• Relational – People are the focus of ministries, whereas programs are only a tool to reach people. The candidate must make relationship-building a priority.
• Musically-gifted – The role of worship leader will require that the candidate be gifted musically and have the experience and ability to lead others in worship.
• Technological competence – Much of student and worship ministry involves the appropriate use of technology. Must be up to date and competent with recent technological trends.

Conditions of Employment
This employee shall:
• Model the Biblical, Christ-like standard of personal conduct and lifestyle as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
• Support and adhere to the mission, vision, values, and statement of faith of HPCC as found in the constitution.
• Support and adhere to the personnel guidelines and policies.
• Be an active, participating partner of HPCC during their length of employment.

• Specific Duties and Responsibilities
Student Ministries:
• Develop, plan, lead, and oversee weekly programming for students in grades 6-12.
• Develop outreach opportunities that involve our students in serving community and reaching un-churched youth.
• Recruit and train volunteers to help lead and disciple students.
• Spend time with students building appropriate mentoring relationships.
• Develop and carry out activities, retreats, weeks of camp, and various other events that help grow our students into stronger disciples and reach
un-churched youth to choose to follow Christ.
• Invest in student ministry families by providing appropriate teaching, training, and information to parents as it pertains to raising Godly youth/teenagers.

Worship Ministries:
• Coordinate with the Directional/Teaching Elder to plan and develop the music and other technical arts for the weekly worship service.
• Lead regular rehearsals with the worship team that prepare logistically and spiritually to lead the church in worship.
• Communicate weekly and build relationships with members of the worship ministry team.
• Incorporate new musicians into the music ministry as God provides.
• Be responsible for development and oversight of worship ministry budget.

Other Responsibilities:

• Oversee set-up/tear down ministry and assist in areas of need.
• Attend weekly staff meetings and elder meetings when scheduled.
• Carry out all other responsibilities/instruction as given by the Directional/Teaching Elder and body of elders.

Date Modified: 10/29/2013

Job Category: Combo Role

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Baptist -Southern

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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