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Family Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Princeton, MA 01541 Heritage Bible Chapel

Heritage Bible Chapel
Pastor of Counseling and Family Ministries
Job Posting

Heritage Bible Chapel
PO Box 1096
Princeton, Mass. 01541

- Heritage Bible Chapel was founded in December 2000. It is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical church.
- Current weekly attendance is around 500-550. It is one of the healthiest Bible churches in New England.
- The Church meets in a new facility that accommodates approximately 750 people

Position – Pastor of Counseling and Family Ministries

Educational Qualifications
-Bachelor’s degree in Ministry/Theology from conservative Seminary.
-Master’s degree preferred
-Solid knowledge of current theological issues as they impact the Church in America

Ministerial experience
-Previous pastoral experience in a growing Church (3-5 years)
-Demonstrated and proven acumen in biblical counseling; certification by NANC, ECCF or equivalent preferred
- Pastoral background should include functional understanding and appreciation of the spiritual value of the following church ministries:
- Sunday School (child and adult)
- Children’s ministries (AWANA, VBS, etc.)
- Youth ministries
- College and Career ministries
- Men’s and women’s ministries
- Senior ministries
- Pastoral background should include personal experience in the following spiritual roles:
- Shepherding
- Servant leadership
- Preaching
- Teaching
- Discipleship
- Evangelism and missions
- Church discipline
- Corporate prayer
- Intercessory prayer

Personal profile
-Must meet biblical qualifications of an elder/pastor. [1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9]

-Must possess a true shepherd’s heart; together with the elder board, shepherding all those the Lord has placed under their care. [1 Peter 5:1-4, Exodus 18:13-26]

-Must have experience in leadership within a plurality of eldership; both in working with other leaders, and for being mutually accountable for both ministerial effectiveness and personal holiness.

-Should have high degree of discipline both in personal life, ministry, and in organizational time management.

-Must be able to lead both volunteer and vocational ministry leaders in the development and implementation of ministry objectives.

-Must have strong/biblical marriage (if married) with a wife who is committed both to her husband’s calling, and to the body of Christ.

-Must be proficient in homiletics, hermeneutics, and exegesis; skilled at handling and teaching the word.

Major Responsibilities
-Principal thrust would be to develop strong, biblical families; working from many vantage points including biblical instruction of youth (coming alongside parents who hold this responsibility), biblical instruction on parenting for young parents, discipleship of fathers and husbands. Practical vehicles for these objectives could be Sunday school programs, topical studies, small groups and outreach programs that would include entire families. Though this responsibility is large, HBC has many programs and dedicated leaders in place. This pastor would be responsible to build unified purpose and cohesion among the various ministries, to add or subtract as needed, and to participate at a teaching level in some.

-The counseling aspect of the role is both a working and an oversight role; it includes direct counseling as well as development of a team of counselors. HBC has engaged strongly with NANC and has several individuals who are close to completion of NANC certification.

-Preparation and delivery of effective sermons for occasional preaching

-Regular prayer for the Church body

-Together with the board of elders, ensure that hospital, elderly, and sick visitation will occur as needed.

-Together with board of elders, ensure church discipline is undertaken as needed.

Personality Profile
An HBC pastor is to be a shepherd not just in function but also in his heart. He is to be “careful” (merimos) for the Church in that, when people hurt, he hurts. This cannot be learned in a seminary, nor embraced as a tactical leadership tool. It must come from a love that is born in his love for the Lord, and manifested as a natural fruit of that love.
Without the first great commandment (Love the Lord your God) there is no evidence of the second (Love your neighbor as yourself)

The Pastor must be able to function in an arena of spontaneous and repeated interruptions, with an ability to return to his scheduled activities without being either lacking in compassion, or losing his momentum toward his objectives.

The Pastor must live a life such that he is looked upon as being worthy to teach and admonish from God’s word, and have a home life that radiates God’s love and holiness. His wife and family should not be expected to minister any more than any other member of the Body, but never less than others. His wife should never be looked upon as “part of the package” when a Pastor is hired, but should be his principal supporter in the ministry as in their marriage.

The Pastor will not necessarily be among the “last to sin”, but he should be among the “first to repent.” His power in the ministry will be measured by his willingness to confess and deal quickly with sin in his life.

The Pastor must recognize that there will be those who believe he can do nothing wrong and perhaps others who believe he can do nothing right. The resultant sins are respectively pride and discouragement. Either can signal the end of an effective ministry.

The Pastor must have time for reading, study, prayer, recreation, and reflection.
He must be careful to maintain balance in his life, and would be vigilant to commit to regular times of personal renewal.

Applications should be submitted to:
Heritage Bible Chapel
PO Box 1096
Princeton, Mass. 01541

Attn. Arnie VanDoren
Chairman, HBC Search Committee

Date Modified: 10/26/2013

Job Category: Family Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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