Pastor Of Student Ministries - Huber Heights, OH

Family Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Huber Heights, OH 45424 Fellowship Alliance Chapel

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Ministry Purpose
Provide direction and facilitate programming for youth ages 5-18.

Overall Ministry Description
• Establish Student Ministry programming.
• Give direction to the Student Ministry in discipleship, evangelism, and activities.
• Provide direction for activities and events that connect families to FAC.
• Assist the Lead Pastor in accomplishing pastoral duties upon request.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties
• Develop outreach ministries into the local schools and communities.
• Develop age appropriate programming.
• Establish yearly goals for the direction of the Student Ministries.
• Train, develop and release lay leaders to assist with Student Ministries.
• Be actively involved in the mentoring and counseling students.
• Work closely with parents and develop ministries that involve parents and youth.
• Plan and lead a yearly Vacation Bible School.
• Plan and lead regular special events for the Student Ministry.
• Develop regular discipleship opportunities for students.
• Develop and launch a Children and Youth service during morning worship.

Organizational & Administrative Responsibilities
• Will agree with and uphold the vision, direction and purpose of FAC.
• Will work directly under the supervision of the Lead Pastor.
• Will establish a yearly budget in conjunction with the Lead Pastor.
• Will work 15-20 hours a week.
• Will meet weekly with the Lead Pastor.

Knowledge and Background Requirements for Hiring
• Have ability and desire to work well with others.
• Be self-motivated and possess the ability to work well with minimal supervision.
• Have experience working with youth.
• Pass a background check and drug screening.

Date Modified: 8/17/2011

Job Category: Family Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance

Worship Style: Blended

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