Media / Technology Church/Ministry Job in Cumming, GA 30040 Mountain Lake Church

Mountain Lake Church
Worship Arts Ministry
(Full Time)

“As we desire to create an engaging and creative worship environment, we are actively seeking a talented individual who has a passion for the local community, but also the world. God has given Mountain Lake Church a unique voice through" said Todd Nichols, Worship Arts Pastor of Mountain Lake. "We want team members who share our vision of creating a place where people can belong in a healthy relationship with God and others, become more like Jesus, and bless the world. Those who share this vision are encouraged to apply."

The Production Director will work under the leadership of the Worship Arts Pastor and in tandem with other Mountain Lake team members. Being a team player is of high value.

Core Responsibilities:

Design and oversee implementation of the creative elements used in worship services and other services as needed.

Work in conjunction with all Worship Arts teams to ensure excellent and effective delivery of service elements

Build volunteer team of “creatives” to construct & execute stage design.

Initiative and execution of details are a must.

Contribute to sermon series development

Participate in ideation and development of creative illustrations

Research to assist in series development

Consistently contribute fresh ideas to worship service planning and manage the details required to implement the plan

Secure all images/illustrations/props for message and/or service

Leadership of Production & Hospitality Teams

Recruit Production Team members - HIGHLY Relational

Weekly follow up with those who show interest in serving in Worship Arts Ministry

Lead volunteers, staff, and technical teams to effectively produce a great worship service in an Executive Producer roll

Provide leadership for technical aspects of the worship experience including, but not limited to: Computer Graphics/Design, Video Composition/Editing, Lighting, and Set Design

Recruit volunteer teams to provide hospitality in Green Room on weekends.

Upload video & podcast of teaching messages

Assist Worship Arts Pastor with any other tasks/projects

Act as a liaison to and assist Worship Arts Pastor as needed



SATURDAY 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Services at 4:00 PM & 5:30 PM)

SUNDAY 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Services at 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM)

**Although rare, there will be instances where special events will take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday outside of the regular work schedule. Plenty of notice will be given.


Please send the following to the attention of Todd Nichols at

1. Submit a resume and cover letter that expresses why you are passionate about leading a Production Arts ministry, your calling to the local church, and your personal story of being a Christ follower

2. Take the Synergist Quiz. Don’t forget to use the option on the final screen to have your results sent to you for a free detailed analysis:

When you receive the results, email them to (You do not have to read the book "Predictable Success" to take the quiz.)

3. Answer and electronically submit the Mountain Lake Interview Questions form.

4. Submit current video/graphic portfolio (which can include any branding/marketing)

5. Submit website, social media, etc., that gives insight into the applicant

6. Submit at least 5 professional and personal references

For more information and/or to apply please send all information to:

Todd Nichols
Worship Arts Pastor

Salary: $40,000 - $50,000

Date Modified: 1/22/2014

Job Category: Media / Technology

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Gen X/Post-modern

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