Music Director - Dover, NJ

Non-Ministry Church/Ministry Job in Dover, NJ 07801 First Memorial Presbyterian Church

Major Functions:
The Music Director/Organist shall direct the choirs, provide instrumental music, supply necessary accompaniment, and encourage strong congregational singing for worship services.
This is a part-time position with an estimated 10 hours per week between rehearsal,worship, and practice time.

Organ information: AUSTIN - ORGAN - OPUS 2583 - 1975 having three 61-note manuals; a 32- note pedal board; 37 ranks; 42 stops; and 2182 pipes.
The sanctuary has a foot Mason and Hamlin grand piano.

Principal Responsibilities:
1. Select appropriate musical offerings for worship services with the advice and consent of the Pastor, including prelude and postlude (to be played on a 3 Manuel Austin organ). Hymns are chosen by the pastor.
2. Meets or speaks regularly with the Pastor to plan all worship services.
3. Conducts rehearsals (September through June) for youth, adult, and bell choirs on a regular basis and schedules the choirs for the worship services.
4. Develop and nurture congregational singing.
5. Schedule and supervise the maintenance of the organs, pianos, and other instruments. Oversee the volunteers to care for the choir robes and Music Library.
6. Arrange for soloists and special instrumental music for the liturgical year, including the summer worship schedule.
7. Provide musical leadership for the following special services and activities to include but not limited to: Christmas Pageant, Christmas Concert, Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday and Easter Services. On occasion, other musical leadership might be needed to support the life of the church.
8. Responsible for the administrative details of a Christmas Concert if on the schedule. (Additional stipend)
9. Attends necessary Worship Committee and Staff meetings.
10. Submits annual report each year.
11. Provide instrumental music for Wedding and Funeral Services as available. Fees
for these services are provided by the couples and families.
12. Manage Music Budget Line items. Submit music budget proposal for the coming fiscal year to the budget committee.
13. Provide playing of organ/piano for all worship services for 48 weeks per year. Arrange for substitutes when not present. Must be present for Advent, Christmas, and Holy Week, including Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve.

Salary: $16,000 - $18,000

Date Modified: 9/15/2012

Job Category: Non-Ministry

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Presbyterian

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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