Pastor Of Gospel Communities - Langley, BC

Other Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Langley, BC V3A 3L7

The Pastor of Gospel Community serves as a senior leader to the overall team-based leadership of all ministries of the church, as well as the primary architect for a movement of gospel communities across the LEFC network.

Responsibilities 1. Gospel Community Leadership – Provide visionary, strategic and servant leadership to seeing a network of clusters grow; developing and coaching leaders, releasing new clusters and overseeing small groups within clusters. 2. Missional Engagement – Resource and support the network of gospel communities to see outreach and evangelism advanced as well as working with the staff team to give leadership to our centrally supported evangelistic initiatives. 3. Assimilation – Leading an effective system of on-ramps to newcomers engaging at LEFC and cultivating the ‘stickiness’ of congregational engagement and empowerment. 4. Leadership Development – Partner with Lead Pastor in shaping, implementing and tracking the Leadership Development system of LEFC. 5. Family Discipleship – Ensure the ongoing care and discipleship of LEFC’s families by:
a) Providing coaching and support to the Children & Family Ministry and Student Ministry staff. b) Supporting the marriage ministry to build and grow strong marriages, including pre-marital mentoring team, marriage initiatives, etc c) Providing backing to those spearheading LEFC’s adoption ministry, bringing awareness to adoption as well as helping facilitate care and support to adoptive families.
6. Church Leadership - Partner with the Staff Leadership Team in helping give spiritual and strategic leadership to the congregation and ministries of LEFC. This will include involvement in strategic planning, culture development, special projects, etc. 7. Preaching – A member of the preaching team as time and giftings permit.

Qualifications: 1. Experienced – Established track-record of developing leaders and overseeing ministries/staff in a local church/ministry context; seven years of related experience in a church of 700+ preferred. 2. Growing Disciple – Demonstrated passion for the person and mission of Jesus and a commitment to Spirit-filled living. 3. Integral – Relentlessly trustworthy in stewarding the responsibilities, resources and people entrusted to him. 4. Dynamic Leader – Proven ability to courageously and humbly empower and release individuals and teams. 5. Missional – A life demonstrated heart for and fruitfulness in evangelism/mission. 6. Communicator – An effective and engaging communicator with demonstrated ability to dynamically, relevantly and transparently teach and communicate. 7. Fun – Loves to laugh loud, hard and often. Believes that nothing is more enjoyable than serving God with the people you love. 8. Committed – Wholeheartedly affirm and support the LEFC Vision, Values, Statement of Faith and Leadership Agreement.

Date Modified: 4/24/2013

Job Category: Other Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Evangelical Free

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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