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Other Church/Ministry Job in Suffolk, VA 23434 Wilroy Baptist Church

Wilroy Baptist Church
Part-time Director of Music Ministries

Wilroy Baptist Church is currently seeking a part-time music director to become a vital member of the ministry team of our growing congregation.  Utilizing their own talents and God-given abilities, the music director will direct the Adult Choir and Praise Team while working with the senior pastor to lead the music ministry in cultivating an loving atmosphere and attitude of joyful worship in the lives of God's people.  

The Director of Music Ministries is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the music ministry of the church. He/she must demonstrate genuine appreciation for, and competence with, both traditional and contemporary musical expressions.  This person will be a crucial element in facilitating a Christ-centered, doctrinally sound, celebratory, engaging, and creative worship experience for all our services.

The major responsibility of this role would be to train and disciple teams of people to help lead music and inspire worship in a variety of areas of church life, primarily Sunday morning services.  He/she will also assist in worship service planning, preparation and training, as well as other responsibilities related to the music ministry.

We are looking for someone with a deep love for God who leads with integrity, character, and skill.  This person must be a team-player who desires to serve the church alongside other pastoral staff and volunteers.  If you feel the Lord leading you to speak with us, please send your resume to the address below so we can have the opportunity to get to know you better.   

Three-five years of experience in leading an adult choir/praise team preferred. Music education a plus. Effective interpersonal skills in working with senior pastor and other ministry/congregational lay leaders. Ability to build music/worship teams that reflect spiritual vitality and musical excellence. Experience in choral conducting, vocal performance, and church music ministry. Preferred experience and membership in a Baptist church; will consider applicants with experience in a non-Baptist church that is aligned with Baptist doctrine and with similar theology of worship. Organ experience a plus.

Qualified candidates are welcome to submit their resume to:

Wilroy Baptist Church
Attn. Personnel Committee
306 Williams Road
Suffolk, Virginia  23434

Date Modified: 7/10/2013

Job Category: Other

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Baptist -Southern

Worship Style: Blended

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