Curriculum Development Consultant - Johnson City, TN

Parachurch Church/Ministry Job in Johnson City, TN 37601 Appalachia Service Project

Appalachia Service Project, Inc. (ASP) seeks a curriculum development professional who can create inspiring programming to accompany our short-term service trips.

ASP is an ecumenical Christian ministry, open to all people, whose vision is to see substandard housing in Central Appalachia eradicated and everyone who comes into contact with our work transformed. ASP hosts 16,000 volunteers each year for week-long service trips that repair the homes of low-income families in Central Appalachia. Learn more about ASP at

As part of our mission to offer a transformational experience to each volunteer, ASP is creating new programming to be delivered each day during the service trips. The consultant will develop programming around themes of lifelong Christian service for volunteers that range from high school students to adults.

This is a contract position. Location is flexible. Compensation is $15,000 plus travel expenses. For complete details on the desired scope of work, see the Request For Proposals at:

To Apply:
By February 22, submit a brief letter outlining your qualifications, ability to meet the deadlines mentioned, insights on the project, and a sketch of what you would provide to See the Request For Proposals at for full information on the application process and timeline.

Date Modified: 2/3/2012

Job Category: Parachurch

Job Status: Interim

Denomination: Contact Employer

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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