Church Secretary/Office Assistant - Upper Marlboro, MD

Secretarial / Office Church/Ministry Job in Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Union United Methodist Church

Secretary/Office Assistant
Union United Methodist Church

This position is located at Union United Methodist Church (UUMC) in Upper Marlboro, MD. Union’s vision is to be “Spirited Filled, Biblically Minded and Service Oriented.” The individual chosen for this position will report directly to the pastor and performs a wide range of secretarial and clerical duties.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Receives and answers telephone inquiries and requests. Receives all visitors including guests, outside contractors, and others. Makes necessary arrangements to ensure full coverage of the church office.

Maintains the Pastor's appointments and reminds pastor of appointments, meetings, and visitations. Assembles all necessary material in advance for the Pastor's use in connection therewith. Screens all calls and visitors, answering most questions and completing most business involving established policy or routine matters.

Responsible for creating the weekly church bulletin for Sunday service, both hard copy and an electronic version. Ensures documents are in the proper format, and that spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar have been verified.

Effectively organizes files maintained by the church as required. Establishes and maintains technical and correspondence files and records as required.

Responsible for maintaining the Church website, specifically the electronic calendar. Also responsible for coordinating community notices using a robo call system.

Produces a variety of documents using a personal computer (PC). These documents may be received in a wide range of formats (i.e., handwritten, emailed, etc.) Able to perform and is knowledgeable of the varied and advanced functions of the office automation software with the principal software being Microsoft Office and Windows.

Responsible for maintaining a church P.O. box.

May assist in other clerical duties (i.e. helping church committees within Union), as assigned by the pastor.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Familiarity with the United Methodist denomination and vision and mission of Union United Methodist Church.

Strong computer skills (MS Office Suite, Windows, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Pro, Web Top)

Strong customer service focus

Effective written and oral skills

Strong communication, telephone, and interpersonal skills

Good organization and time management abilities

Strong attention to detail

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Flexibility and the ability to work in a variety of situations and use problem solving skills

High level of professionalism

Ability to complete assignments and meet deadlines with little direct supervision if needed

Willingness to assume additional duties as assigned

Scope and Effect

The individual ensures that the clerical and administrative support of the church is accomplished effectively in accordance with established procedures, allowing the Pastor to concentrate mainly on Ministerial duties. The individual identifies and resolves various problems and situations that affect the orderly and efficient flow of work in transactions with parties outside the organization and within Union.

Personal Contacts

Contacts are primarily with the Pastor, and secondarily with members of the various committees within the church. However, individual may be required to interact with outside contractors and company representatives that Union patronizes.

Physical Demands

The work is primarily sedentary.

Work Environment

The work is performed in a church office setting.

Work Situation

Part time (20-25 hours/week)

Salary Negotiable

Date Modified: 12/31/2012

Job Category: Secretarial / Office

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: United Methodist

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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