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Senior Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Beatrice, NE 68357 Cornerstone Lutheran

Pastor, Cornerstone Lutheran, Beatrice, Nebraska

Accountable to: Jesus Christ and the inerrant and infallible Word of God, and earthly to the Cornerstone Voter’s Assembly and the elected Lay Leadership & Elder Boards

Job Purpose: Fulfill all of the requirements of a 1st century overseer (pastor) while earnestly and effectively propagating the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a 21st century congregation.

Major Accountabilities & General Responsibilities

As Preacher, Teacher & Exhorter:
He leads with authority, boldly and powerfully commanding and teaching the truth of God’s Word, Law and Gospel, interpreting and applying it accurately. He fights for the divine truth and God’s purposes, pointing out error and those who teach it. He faithfully reads, explains and applies the Scriptures publicly, holding tightly and guarding the Word of God as a sacred trust and treasure.

As Pastor & Minister:
He is strong in character and reproduces himself in the faithful to be disciples of Jesus Christ. He carefully selects and develops spiritual leaders from the congregation on the basis of their godliness and virtue, seeing to it that they are both mature and proven. He calls upon the people of the congregation to fulfil their God-given roles, with loving submission to one another. He prays for the lost and leads the people of the congregation to do the same. He makes special consideration and effort to ensure for the care of those with physical needs. He is gracious and gentle in confronting the sin of God’s people, calling them to repentance and ensuring counseling for their spiritual needs.

In Public Accountability:
He is a public model, an honorable example of spiritual virtue that all can follow. He honors all those who faithfully serve the Lord; never being ashamed of Christ or anyone who serves Christ. He avoids useless conversation that leads to ungodliness. He refuses to be drawn into philosophical and theological arguments but is kind, teachable, gentle and patient even when he is wronged. He keeps all of the Lord’s commandments, fleeing youthful lusts, the love of money, pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness. He is willing and able to face dangerous times with a deep knowledge of the Word of God; suffering difficulty and persecution for the sake of Christ willingly.

In Private Discipline:
He keeps his eyes on Christ at all times, keeping the gift of God in him fresh and useful. He constantly is nourishing himself on the words of the Scripture and its sound teaching, avoiding all myths and false doctrines, keeping his own faith in good conscience. He disciplines himself for the purpose of godliness, progressing toward Christ-likeness in his own life. He also takes care of his physical condition so he is strong to serve.

Weekly & Specific Responsibilities:

* Oversee and assist in preparation of worship content and materials (along with Wor-ship Committee), leading Sunday worship service preaching the Word of God from the Holy Bible and administering the Sacraments to the congregation.
* Works directly with elected Boards and appointed committees to advise and imple-ment ministries that fulfill the mission and objectives of the congregation.
* Ensure doctrinal purity and sufficiency of training for those providing Christian Educa-tion on behalf of Cornerstone congregation. Specifically responsible for education of those preparing for affirmation of child baptism and those who come to adult bap-tism.
* Available, within reason, to immediately address crisis situations within the congregation or ensures specific coverage of such events.
* Conducts wedding and funeral services of congregational members and those ap-proved by the elected leadership Boards.


*Master of Divinity or equivalent combination of education and experience with formal training in Lutheran confessions highly preferred.

*Demonstrated experience effectively preaching and teaching the Word of God (in accord with Major Accountabilities)
*Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing ministries to deliver the Gospel to the lost outside the Church
*Demonstrated passion for engaging and spiritually developing youth in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Compensation: Congregation currently budgeting $70,000 total package (salary, housing, insurance, etc.)

Call Committee contacts:
Call Committee Chair: Paul Ostermann (, (402) 430-4818)
Lay Leadership Board Executive Director: Virgil Harms (, (402) 699-4426) or
Board of Elders Director: Steve Jurgens (, (402) 617-4097)

Congregation Profile:

Congregational Information: Updated April 2013

Name of Congregation: Cornerstone Lutheran
i) Address: 930 Prairie Lane, Beatrice NE 68310
ii) Phone: see below for call process contacts
iii) E-mail:
iv) Web page:

History: The following three events represent important milestones for the congregation.
(1) November 2010: First assembly of approximately 30 people from various congregations came together to discuss the opportunity of worshiping together.
(2) February 2011: Congregation constitution adopted and with leadership elected.
(3) December 2011: Worship moved from leased office space to renting St Paul Lutheran School facilities for weekend and evening activities.
Cornerstone Lutheran Church of Beatrice was formed in the fall of 2010 as a number of families across Gage County came together from numerous congregations in the area to rededicate us to the Word of God, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Worship Center:
We are currently leasing (sharing) facilities from St. Paul Lutheran School (LCMS) to conduct worship services, meetings and events. (see Part II, Section 5 for future plans)

Significant trends in congregational demographics:
Members originated from seven different ELCA congregations throughout Gage County prompted by the August 2009 ELCA position on human sexuality and from a small existing Beatrice LCMC congregation. The congregation has diversity in age demographics approximately as follows: 30% - 0-20 years, 40% 20-60 years, and 30% 60+ years old. Average Sunday worship attendance is ~80-100 people with ~80% of the members attending weekly.

Congregation constitution was last updated: February 2011

Part II - Ministry Practices, Structure, and Future

1) Cornerstone's present program/practices:
a) Worship (time, type, style, frequency of communion)
The Cornerstone family comes together to worship the Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with a blended service using traditional hymns, contemporary music, small groups, children’s messages and a variety of special activities. Our Sunday morning services are at 9:30 a.m., with Holy Communion twice a month.
b) Education (adult, youth, confirmation)
Sunday school follows worship service for 1 hour for grades pre-school to 8th grade, with adult study lead by the Pastor. Confirmation instruction occurs during the school year on Wednesday evenings (6-7 pm) for 6th-8th grade (currently just one class, in future anticipate split into at least two classes). Various small group bible studies are informally set up though also occur on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly).
c) Special ministries:
Cornerstone looks for ways to bring the message of Jesus Christ into the community with the following: Holy Week Easter Egg Hunt (Teaching Christ’s journey of His last week on Earth), Christmas Caroling at local Nursing Homes, Warren’s Table (meal provided for those less fortunate in the community), World Relief (school kits & layettes), Operation Christmas Child, Beatrice Community Food Pantry, Christmas Play open to community.

2) Cornerstone service ministries and its community involvement and partnerships.
Our Cornerstone members are not only busy in our own congregation but also have committed from our inception to donating 10% of our weekly offerings to support various area, religious and charitable ministries; Mother to Mother, Faith Covenant International (fund pastoral staff in Muslim country), My Bridge Radio 88.3, St. Paul Lutheran School and Pregnancy Resource Center.

3) Describe the congregation's present staffing, including both paid and volunteers.

Pastor - At the present time Cornerstone does not have a regularly called pastor. Pastor Doyle Karst (LCMC) has been appointed by the Lay Leadership Board to serve the pastoral role on a part-time basis (~10 hours/week) to preside over the worship service, Sunday morning adult bible study and confirmation instruction.

Lay Leadership Board – The Lay Leadership Board is the elected body of the Congregation which has been given the authority to develop and implement those policies, strategies, procedures, and people groups as required to execute the mission of the Congregation. The Lay Leadership Board can transact or supervise the transaction of all legal and general business affairs of the Congregation within the limitations established by the Constitution.

Board of Elders – The Board of Elders is the elected body of the Congregation which is charged with watching over the doctrine, life, and spiritual wellbeing of the Congregation. The Board of Elders shall ensure that the Congregation functions in accordance with the established doctrine of the church as listed in the Constitution. The Elders duties include: creation and oversight of membership procedures, the call process, support of pastoral staff, oversight of worship content and activities, and doctrinal purity of educational programs,

Worship Committee – The Worship Committee along with the Pastor and the Elders serve the role to coordinate the Cornerstone worship services, including arranging for: individuals to provide the message, read scripture, lead prayers, music accompaniment, and choose music and preparation of bulletins and worship materials.
Cornerstone pays a part-time Worship Coordinator to arrange music selection, video and bulletin preparation for the weekly services. Cornerstone also compensates a small selection of non-members to provide piano accompaniment for the worship services and special occasions.

Youth Education Committee – The LLB has appointed members to a Youth Education Committee (YEC) to plan and administer the youth educational program of the congregation. The YEC in coordination with the Pastor and Elders establishes objectives, sets policies for, and supervises the education pro¬gram for the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Confirmation classes, ensuring the necessary means and facilities are provided to meet those purposes.

Salary: $70,000 - $70,000

Date Modified: 4/14/2013

Job Category: Senior Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Lutheran

Worship Style: Blended

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