Senior Pastor - Fairmount, IL

Senior Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Fairmount, IL 61841 Faith Church

Faith Church, located in East Central Illinois, is trusting in the Lord for a senior pastor. Our current pastor, of 12 years, is being called into a new area of service.
The church is focused on two specific areas of ministry; discipleship and missions. An associate pastor is presently on staff. Leadership believes in empowering lay persons as well. We are praying for a spirit-filled individual with leadership gifts in administration, discipleship, missions, preaching, and teaching.
Faith church has a special story to tell which a person considering candidacy will want to hear. The salary structure and benefits can be very competitive. Contemporary worship with musical instruments, a praise team, and testimonies are the norm.

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Date Modified: 2/13/2012

Job Category: Senior Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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