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Senior Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Markleville, IN 46056 North Christian Church

North Christian Church is searching for a senior pastor who will cast, inspire and lead in the vision of our church by equipping the body to fulfill its mission. While NCC has a rich history, we are seeking God’s kingdom here and now. We have long been known as “The Church that Cares” for good reasons. The people of NCC are truly a family, supporting one another in times of need as well as sharing our love and the love of Christ with our community. We understand that a true life of praise is born from a life of following Christ’s example of servanthood.

Our prayer is that God will send a leader who is passionate in preaching, has a passionate heart for the lost and helping the poor, and will inspire and equip the people of NCC to do the same.

The Senior Pastor of North Christian Church (no denominational affiliation), in Markleville, IN (near Anderson) will be responsible for being the pastor/shepherd/Spiritual leader for this local congregation. The position will involve preaching and teaching on Sunday mornings/evenings and during mid-week services as well as planning relevant Spiritual activities to build the church and its congregation.

Although our church is not affiliated with a denomination, our beliefs are closely in line with Church of God (Anderson), Nazarene Church, and the Christian Alliance Church.

Senior Pastor Job Description

Accountabilities: Reports to the congregation through the Church Pulpit Committee, the Elders, and the Church Board; meets regularly with the Church Board and Elders; coordinates programs by meeting with the staff; is involved with the
Board of Christian Education

Administration: Assists officers, boards, and committees with long-range and short-term planning and execution of their tasks by consulting, advising, coordinating, and evaluating
Functions as leader of both part-time and full-time paid staff and will be held accountable for building effective staff relationships and for delegating ministries performed by staff
Enables staff members to utilize his or her gifts in the ministry of the church
Reports staff issues and concerns to the Pulpit Committee

Vision: Creates a vision for North Christian Church that encourages both individual Spiritual growth and reaching the unsaved

Responsibilities: Oversees daily operations of the church
Plans weekly messages and Bible studies
Preaches and teaches the Word of God with clarity, integrity, and in accordance with the doctrinal beliefs of North Christian Church.
Preaches with authority and enthusiasm
Provides premarital counseling and other counseling as needed
Plans programs to build leaders and disciples
Accepts special teaching responsibilities (retreats, New Members’ Class, etc.)
Plans activities to build strong marriages and families
Works with worship pastor to provide both a traditional and contemporary service
Works with the worship pastor to develop programs for special celebrations, IE Christmas and Easter
Oversees church communication and correspondence
Works with lay persons to continue the community outreach programs of NCC through Work Camps and other activities

Pastoral Care/ Shepherding: Develops and coordinates a pastoral care system to meet the needs of North Christian Church members. These responsibilities would include, but would not be limited to: families experiencing loss, hospital visits, visitation to shut-ins, calling on newcomers, and encouraging people through letters, notes, and phone calls

Spiritual Leadership: Relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all matters
Is exemplary as a Christian role model
Utilizes a Biblical foundation for all teaching, preaching, counseling, and programming
Leads the church in casting a vision for the future
Assists the church in understanding its local and global missions
Initiates lay leadership development
Promotes church growth
Has a strong personal conviction
Willing to confront and resolve Spiritual injustice
Sets personal boundaries

Character: Is a person who has uncontested integrity and is trustworthy beyond question

Balanced Life: Carefully balances time for home, church and personal life and encourages the staff to do the same
Allows time for personal reading, research and meditation
Use all vacation time allocated by church each year
Attends conferences and conventions that allow educational enrichment and growth

Relationships: Develops and maintains positive inter-personal relationships with staff and church members

Other: Has either been raised in, or understands the nuances of residing in a rural community
Appreciates the historical value of a church that is 100 years old, and in the same way, recognizes a church who desires to build its evangelistic and outreach ministry
Works with the present service set-up which includes two services: one, traditional, and one, contemporary
Emphasizes the value of the Sunday school program
Is willing to be located in close proximity to the church to facilitate involvement in the community

**Please email resume to

Date Modified: 2/7/2012

Job Category: Senior Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Blended

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