Senior Pastor - Toledo, OH

Senior Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Toledo, OH 43605 Missionary Baptist

Pastor, Toledo, Ohio
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
1203 Girard Street Toledo, Ohio 43605

Date First Posted

*5+ years in the Baptist Ministry
*Seminary Background
*Previous Pastoral Experience
*Theological experience and education
*Youth Program Experience
*Administrative Experience
*Denomination: Missionary Baptist

Church Size:

Job Description:
For over 74 years, this congregation has sought to be a positive influence in our community. We continue to be stirred by the Spirit and we are ready for our next chapter. After 74 years, we find ourselves preparing to move forward in a renewed vision. We once again want to be that "beacon of light" here on the eastside of Toledo, Ohio Our previous pastor resigned because of ill health.

We are searching for a leader to help equip us in ministry and outreach to our friends, neighbors, and community. We are searching for a loving friend who will help us continue to build a family-friendly connected congregation.
We are searching for an encourager who embraces those in need and practices acceptance, grace, forgiveness and inclusion in order to best demonstrate the Gospel. Someone with solid leadership ability to motivate and activate the ministry gifts in our congregants, we anticipate growth in our fellowship as we collectively fulfill the Great Commission.
The Pastor position is salaried, commensurate with your qualifications and experience.

If you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you to become our new leader, please send your resume to:

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
1203 Girard Street Toledo, OH 43605
Attn: Charita Phillips
Search Committee

Date Modified: 2/4/2013

Job Category: Senior Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Baptist -Southern

Worship Style: Traditional

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