Worship Leader - Raleigh, NC

Worship Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Raleigh, NC 27603 Inwood Baptist Church

Job Title: Worship Leader
Reports to: Lead Pastor
Position Status: Part-time (c. 5 -10 hours per week)
Compensation: The annual compensation is $6000 not based on hourly work.
Background to Inwood
INWOOD is a church community in the south part of Raleigh, NC, a short distance from the downtown area and the N.C. State campus, yet nestled in the beauty of N.C. State farmlands on Lake Wheeler Rd., just south of I-40. The church was founded 135 years ago by several families in order to reach the next generation with the gospel. The church recently hired Pastor Bill Finley to lead them through a period of evaluation, renewal, and transformation. This past Fall the church took a huge step forward by adopting new mission and vision statements, targeting the next generation and young families. Yet, we presently consist of a small band of older members with a sprinkling of young families and children and are looking for outside help from those who have the missionary visionary to join us in the process of revitalization to bring back the historic church in South Raleigh for the sake of the gospel.

Position Vision
We are looking for someone who loves worship and is looking for the challenge of leading an old, traditional church out of the of old, dead worship structures into the glorious throne-room of God’s presence each Sunday. We are looking for someone who may not have a lot of experience and training in leading worship, but possesses natural vocal and musical talents, a humble and teachable spirit, a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and the passion to lovingly lead our congregation to share in that eternal passion and joy.

Position Summary
• Plans weekly and special worship services in coordination with Lead Pastor.
• Provides overall leadership to worship and music at Inwood; includes recruitment, training, discipleship of the music team and administrative leadership.
• Provides leadership to the Worship Leadership Team.

Salary: $6,000 - $10,000

Date Modified: 7/25/2013

Job Category: Worship Pastor

Job Status: Part-Time

Denomination: Baptist -Southern

Worship Style: Blended

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