Next Generation Director
This is a full-time management position also serving as a member of the Executive Team.

Position Summary
Oversees all children and student ministries. Directly oversees one or more of the student ministry age groups while also managing directors of the other age groups. Has experience in growing and leading large church student ministries. Spiritual gifts must include leadership and teaching.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Identifying, recruiting and hiring exceptional staff in all Next Gen areas.
• Managing the staff effectively both on the “what” (measureable outcomes) and the “how” (staff engagement and culture).
• Teaching the collective program at least 35 times annually
• Ensuring a high-energy and high-impact program weekly at least 50 weeks per year.
• Developing a connectional infrastructure of ministries to adequately provide appropriate spans of care to all children and students.
• Recruit, develop, train, and retain an incredible volunteer core of leaders and shepherds for both children and student ministries.
• Manage and lead camps and events to maximally align with the efforts of the student ministries.

• Developing and maintaining exceptionally high staff engagement scores.
• Effectively hire and place people as measured by effective ministry outcomes.
• Grow junior high and senior high school ministries to exceed 10% of total church weekend attendance.
• Grow children and pre-teen ministries consistently and in step with adult attendance growth.
• Reach many students far from God as measured in annual baptisms.
• Connect more students into transformational community as measured in small group participation.
• Develop exceptional biblical literacy and personal bible engagement in children and students.
• Growth in camp attendance to exceed average weekly weekend attendance.


• Senior Pastor – Next Gen Director works with Senior Pastor closely on all ministry strategy, staff-wide directives, people placements, & people development.
• Executive Team – The Next Gen Director is a member of the executive team of the church and works to be a great team player always putting the whole over his/her own area of responsibility.
• Next Gen Ministries – The Next Gen Director works with his/her direct reports to accomplish responsibilities and results.

Requirements include but are not limited to:
• High level of energy, organization, personal motivation and responsiveness.
• Proven ability to work effectively in team settings.
• Active engagement as a member and volunteer of CHCC.
• Strong sense of calling to serve in a church ministry setting.
• Active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ including a biblical lifestyle.
• Agreement with CHCC’s tenets of faith.

Interested candidates must complete and submit the following by email to Claudia Wilcox :
• Application for Employment
• Provide at least two videos or links to videos of applicant teaching high school students
• Resume
• Description of the intangibles of why you believe your ministry has been effective
• Tangible measures of: weekly high school youth attendance, annual baptisms, percentage of weekly attendance participating in small groups, number of volunteers, any other relevant measurable
• Reference Check Authorization
• The Essentials of the Faith

Date Modified: 2/18/2014

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Presbyterian

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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