Student Pastor - Nashville, TN

Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Nashville, TN 37075 Goodlettsville Church

About the Position:
We are looking for a dynamic, spirit-led, mature leader for our youth ministry. If you love the Lord and have proven ministry skills and a great rapport with youth, we would love to talk with you about joining our team. Our Student Pastor will work under the guidance of our pastor and elders to lead a team of volunteers in ministering to our teenagers. The primary function of this position will be to relate pastorally to the students of the church, evangelizing and training them in Christ. In addition, the Student Pastor will train, equip and organize team members while providing vision and direction for the overall youth ministry. We are a church using the Orange model for ministry to families. We are also developing a “plus one” ministry to transition our college students into the life of the church. The youth ministry is fed by a dynamic children’s ministry which is led by a full-time children’s pastor. The Student Pastor will be an integral part of our plan to reach families for Christ and to grow our church and the kingdom of God. The Student Pastor salary is competitive and will be finalized according to experience and training.

About the Church:
Goodlettsville Church is part of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. We are evangelical and our primary focus is to bring families to Christ. We are 170 years old but fresh and forward looking. Our worship is blended leaning toward contemporary. The church has around 350 members and is growing steadily. Our pastor has been with us for over two years and he has a proven record of leading churches to growth. There is peace and unity and a clear vision in the church. Our teens meet in our old sanctuary which is 110 years old. The facility is awesome and very attractive to the youth. We will work with our new Student Pastor to make further improvements to the facility. Our youth are currently led by a part-time Student Pastor who realizes the need for a full-time leader. He is a Nashville songwriter, a member of our church, and he will be very helpful for our new leader. Our teens are loyal, dynamic and love the Lord. Fifteen students just graduated.

About the Area:
Goodlettsville is part of Metro Nashville. It has a great small town feel with the conveniences of all that is Nashville. There are lakes all around and great outdoor opportunities and plenty of shopping and entertainment. Nashville is the home of many national ministries and constantly hosts Christian events and concerts. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. We experience four seasons and moderate weather in all.

Applicants Must Possess:
1. A genuine walk with Christ and a clear testimony of faith in Him
2. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
3. Adequate theological training
4. Significant experience in working with teens
5. Proven leadership ability combined with respect for authority
6. Team mentality
7. Exceptional teaching skills
8. Must pass a background check
Preferred Skills:
1. Knowledge of current youth ministry resources and curriculums
2. Technological expertise in all forms of social media and multi media
3. Worship leading skills is a plus

If you are looking for an opportunity to be a part of an exciting team in a growing church; if you would like the opportunity to work with a supportive and encouraging pastor and leadership; if you are ready to use your gifts to their fullest for Christ, then we are waiting to hear from you.

Please email your resume' to

Date Modified: 6/9/2013

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Interim

Denomination: Presbyterian

Worship Style: Blended

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