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Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Carlisle , PA 17013 Carlisle UMC

Carlisle UM Church is committed to offering “top notch” ministry to children and youth. Our church mission is to build bridges in our community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. The Director of Youth Ministries shall share the love of Christ with youth in the church and the community and teach them to share the love of Christ with youth and others in the community.

The Director of Youth Ministries oversees, leads and guides the total youth ministry of the church. The Director is responsible for planning and implementing highly-engaging multi-age curriculum, programming and events alongside a group of volunteers. The success of our youth ministry relies on teamwork, servant leadership and the continual development of volunteers.

The Director of Youth Ministries must possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, be able to work under the direction of the Lead Pastor and in concert with other church staff and volunteers, have an obvious love of Jesus Christ and the church, and the passion to share that love with youth. The Director must have organizational and administrative abilities. The Director must be a good listener, possess a sense of humor and demonstrate patience.

The Director must maintain a high regard for the church as God’s instrument in the world and display appropriate Christian discipleship, and have a passion in reaching youth for Christ. The Director must be knowledgeable of the developmental and programmatic needs of youth from Middle School through High School. A college degree is required. A degree in Youth Ministry, Christian Education, Theology or Teaching is preferable. The Director must be at least 25 years of age (to comply with Safe Sanctuary Policy). The Director must become a member of Carlisle UM Church.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Oversee the planning, implementation and development of youth ministry in accordance with the GROW (Christian Discipleship) plan, adopted by the church.

• Develop a “Guest Friendly” atmosphere, inviting and welcoming all youth (in and outside the church) to participate in all events, activities and programs.

• Schedule and plan a regular, weekly youth fellowship gathering.

• Teach youth to be disciples through prayer, Bible study, sharing their faith, and serving others.

• Meet with and seek to build relationships with parents and families of youth.

• Augment weekly youth fellowship gatherings with youth Bible study and prayer, retreats, fundraising activities, and local service projects.

• Plan at least one major group retreat event annually.

• Create an efficient method for communication, keeping the Lead Pastor, church executive staff, Youth Ministry Council, youth and parents informed of the schedule for youth meetings and events.

• Plan and implement programs and events in accordance with the SERVE (Christian Service) plan partnering missions (as appropriate). Examine options and plan for mission/service projects.

• Plan, fundraise, and implement a yearly mission/service trip for youth.

• Provide several “ports of entry.” Offer a variety of growth opportunities for youth to connect with the church on a social, spiritual, recreational, creative and emotional level.

• Work with the pastors to provide opportunities of fellowship, support, and resources for parents of youth through classes, life groups, and intergenerational opportunities.

• Plan and lead in the promotion of Sunday School, life groups, and other educational events and activities for youth and their families.

• Recruit, train, and provide curriculum for teachers for youth Sunday School classes. Ensure that all youth classrooms have teachers on Sunday morning and coordinate the curriculum.

• Serve on the Children and Youth Advisory Board consisting of parent volunteers, the Children and Youth Directors, Child Care Directors and a pastor to plan events and ensure a logical continuum of curriculum at all levels of this portion of the GROW program.

• Be responsible for keeping adequate and accurate records (attendance, offerings, payments, expenses, supplies for youth programs and events and Sunday School).

• Continually plan and implement promotion and advertising of the church youth ministry program.

• Represent the youth ministries program area of Carlisle UM Church at all scheduled meetings that require the presence of the Director.

• Submit an annual budget request for funding of youth ministries

• Ensure that the Safe Sanctuary Policy of Carlisle UM Church is followed.

• Attend church staff meetings.

• Attend one training or educational program annually approved by the Lead Pastor.

Laity Development and Empowerment
• Identify, recruit, equip, supervise and develop volunteer and paid staff into an effective youth ministry team with clearly defined goals and objectives.

• Recruit and support teachers of youth Sunday School. Maintain a list of substitute teachers. Ensure that teacher education is provided to all teachers and helpers of youth Sunday School.

• Secure and maintain resources, including developing and overseeing a resource center, reviewing and recommending curriculum and resources to teachers of middle school through high school age youth, and ordering resources for teachers.

• Empower youth into leadership positions within the youth ministries and within the larger church body.

• Participate personally in worship and the life of Carlisle UM Church through your presence and example to the youth and families.

• Develop healthy relationships with the youth and families of Carlisle UM Church. Make intentional efforts to get to know all students in the youth ministry program.

• Work at connecting with youth who are not involved in a community of faith. Encourage youth to share their faith with others and to invite friends to attend gatherings and events.

• Exhibit a commitment to the mission and ministries of Carlisle UM Church.

• Be sure youth Sunday School rooms have requested resources, such as TV, bibles, etc.

• Maintain bright and attractive Bulletin Boards (change seasonally).

• Be an advocate for Christian Education for all ages and persons.

• Maintain the moral and ethical standards of the Christian faith and the United Methodist Church on the job and outside the workplace as an employee and representative of our church.
The previous list of responsibilities is not to be considered as all-inclusive. Additional responsibilities may be assigned or current responsibilities modified after consultation with the Lead Pastor and the Leadership Council.

Working Relationships:
The Director of Youth Ministries shall perform the above responsibilities under the direction and supervision of the Lead Pastor of Carlisle UM Church. Questions or problems related to the job should first be discussed with the Lead Pastor.

The Director of Youth Ministries shall work in cooperation with all pastor(s), staff, Leadership Council, church members and volunteers.

The Director of Youth Ministries shall be evaluated annually by the Lead Pastor with review by a representative of the Leadership Council.

The Director of Youth Ministries is a full time position (40 hrs)

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Date Modified: 4/2/2013

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: United Methodist

Worship Style: Multiple Styles

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