Youth Ministry Leader - Rockwell City, IA

Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Rockwell City, IA 50579 Every Person In Christ (EPIC)

Position open for a full time leader of a shared ecumenical youth and family ministry among four congregations in Calhoun County, Iowa. This is an opportunity with a new program with lots of community support.

We seek a person with:
• A heart for Jesus.
• A desire and excitement to work with congregations across different backgrounds (ELCA, United Methodist, and Presbyterian)
• A willingness to learn media.

Salary and health benefits are negotiable. If interested request application from or 712-297-8511. Applications accepted until December 15, 2012.

Salary: $20,000 - $24,000

Date Modified: 11/21/2012

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Interim

Denomination: Contact Employer

Worship Style: Contact Employer

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