Youth Pastor - Olney , MD

Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Olney , MD 20832 Oakdale Emory UMC

Oakdale Emory strives to be a G.R.E.A.T. church:

•God-centered--We try to listen for God's voice together and make sure everything is done to glorify God. The pattern we see in the Bible is that God calls us to live larger than we can in our own strength, thereby highlighting God's power and provision. Therefore, we are a risk-taking church.
•Relationally-based--God is a relational God and we were created to live in community with Him and each other. Therefore, cultivating healthy relationships in small groups is key.
•Excellence-seeking--Excellence is not perfection but rather the very best we can offer in the moment. Since God loved us enough to send His only Son for our salvation, we can do no less than give God our best.
•Adaptive in practice--While our mission doesn't change, our methods constantly do. We have a creative and relevant God and we seek to follow that example.
•Team-driven--We seek to serve together, believing it is by doing that we learn best and grow the most.

We have a growing small groups ministry program and have great kids’ ministry programs that funnel into the Youth Ministry area. In addition to a great program, the position offers friendly and caring staff, supportive volunteers, flexible work hours, and casual dress.

Olney is a great family community that is situated between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

Our Youth Pastor:
•Oversee Student ministry for grades 6-12
• Works as a positive team player with other ministries of the church in all areas--from communications to facilities
• Communicates vision for student ministries with passion, conviction, and clarity
• Meet regularly with Staff and Children’s Pastor to ensure alignment of strategy
• Recruit, train and provide leadership to volunteer teams
• Prepare and teach MS and HS curriculum;
•Plan and lead exciting, large scale youth events that serve as an outreach to connect new students to Christ.
•Provide regular opportunities for youth to serve in the church and community.
• Assume responsibility for quality control of overall environment
• Develop and deliver production of Middle School and High School program to include musical worship, creative communication, and use of relevant environment
• Maintain a safe environment, including requiring background checks of all volunteers, and ensuring that liability release forms for students are completed
• Meet and mentor interns, leaders, and parents
• Build student leaders (disciples)
• Pastor and provide resources to kids/families in crisis
• Communicate, promote and prepare for meetings/events/trips
• Plan budget and monitor spending

Please pray about whether this position is right for you. We will also be praying for God to confirm if this is the best fit for you and for our church. All candidates must complete these 3 steps as part of the application process:
(1) Read our website ( to learn about our church and ministries.
(2) Be in full agreement with our church’s beliefs and vision.
(3) Send your cover letter, resume and the application form to You will be contacted only if you are being considered for the position.

Date Modified: 11/20/2012

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: United Methodist

Worship Style: Multiple Styles

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