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Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Cleburne, TX 76033 Turning Point Church

IMPORTANT: Please take the time to read this detailed information about the church and the position before applying. Do not just apply if you do not feel God leading you to. This position requires a person of great faith and willingness to go where needed.

Turning Point church in Cleburne is a small non-denominational church with a very big vision for reaching the lost. Our church has the same beliefs along the line of say an Assembly of God church, which means that we are a spirit-filled church that believes all of the gifts are still in operation today from tongues to healing. It is important that all of our staff have this same belief, so please if this does not agree with your stand then do not apply for this position.

Our church is a very close church, like a big family… we are just called together to do more for the Kingdom of God. This past week we adopted a local apartment complex into our extended church family. We will be very involved with the residents there and helping to change lives. Last night we delivered 11 complete Thanksgiving dinners to 11 families there. They are going to know that we love them. The complex is filled with hurting people, tons of children and a lot of youth. It is an amazing place for outreach ministry. Whoever God sends us will have a heart for outreach and not afraid to be on the front lines. We are right now praying and believing for the resources to start up a bus/van outreach ministry complete with an outdoor mobile stage to take the gospel to the children in the various apartment complexes and neighborhoods. From this area of outreach we will find the connection for our youth, women and men's ministries. It is all about being in the redemption business. We are on the very starting line of this vision and so the future is exciting. This church is truly a missions church.

We are looking for someone who is called to youth ministry and has the courage to answer the call of going where God needs them even if it would not be their first choice. This is a position that will require creativity, faith and diligence. Our youth group right now consist of only one 12 year old girl… ONE… But there are hundreds more out there needing to be reached with the gospel. They are looking for someone to care about them and to take an interest in them. Our church has a real favor upon it for outreach and we are willing to put our hands to the plow to help in all areas. Do you feel you have what it takes to start with nothing and build for God? Does the thought of developing a youth group with no past and just an incredible future appeal to you? This IS a great opportunity for someone who is truly willing to go where needed.

We are looking for someone who can raise up the youth in a relationship with God. That can teach them how to pray, how to worship and how to live an overcoming life! We want the fun and the games yes, but most of all we want them to know about God personally.

Turning Point church is small and yes that means that the finances are low, but we are blessed! This position at the present time does not have a salary package attached to it, so you would be required to work a secular job. We understand you need money to live as we all do, but your willingness to go should not be tied to how much the pay is. God will provide and when we say yes to God, He can handle the rest. Even the senior pastor works outside the church for now. It is our desire to one day have all of our staff on full-time salary but right now that is not possible. Are you still willing to go where God needs you? The upside is that Cleburne, TX (located just south of Dallas/Ft Worth) is a great place to live and raise a family. It has a true home town feeling with only one high school and where Friday night football games are a still big deal.

Before you send your resume into this position please pray about it first. If you feel a peace or perhaps even an excitement then please apply. Send us the following: Your resume (Please list any church positions you have held whether volunteer or paid). Send us a letter telling us about yourself, your testimony, your family and so forth and then also please include a photo of you and your family.

Please ask any questions that you might have about the church, pastor or the position. Do not worry about being all formal as we are looking to know you and for you to know us. We ask for applications to be submitted via email only, so send them to: info@lifesturning We look forward to hearing from you.

Date Modified: 11/13/2012

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Interim

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Contemporary (Praise and Worship)

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