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Youth Pastor Church/Ministry Job in Holden, MA 01520 Holden Chapel

Holden Chapel structures its leadership on relationships and trust. We believe the biblical model of leadership is that of a servant.

Relationships matter to us. We want you to connect with friends who can encourage you on your spiritual journey. Your connection with friends is also the best way to encourage and serve others. It is through these relational connections that our mission of strengthening families and impacting our world is realized. A wide variety of small group experiences are available - they are designed to help you make some great new friends where you can live together, laugh together, grow together and serve together.

Our worship service is focused on encountering God. The atmosphere is unpretentious and welcoming. The music is upbeat, heartfelt and God-focused. Our pastor teaches from the Bible in a down-to-earth way that makes it real, alive and applicable for everyday life.

Youth & Young Adult Pastor

This ministry position exists for the purpose of providing Bible teaching, leadership, oversight and administration for the Holden Chapel ministry to Young Adults, Junior and Senior High Youth.

Primary Responsibilities

• Develop a ministry that effectively equips the Youth & Young Adults (ages 12 – 29) in the knowledge of the Bible as a basis for their life
• Teach Youth Sunday School Classes & Young Adult Bible studies
• Provide for an appropriate number and kinds of activities for the Youth & Young Adults, including mission service trips where possible
• Programs that are implemented shall be evaluated regularly to assure they continue to be consistent with the doctrines, practices and philosophy of the church as set by the Board of Elders
• Be responsible for all public relations information published by the church that originates in the Youth & Young Adult Department. This includes correspondence, posters, bulletin announcements, websites and internet communications
• Be available to provide counsel for our Youth & Young Adults needing guidance in their lives, and their walk and relationship with the Lord. (e.g., in the case of the Youth, meet at school lunch time or sports events.)
• Attend workshops and personal growth conferences to stay informed on new and effective ways to disciple youth
Staff and Volunteer Relationships
• Attend all Pastoral Staff meetings as scheduled
• Provide a regular and timely written monthly report to the Sr. Pastor which will be included in his regular monthly Elders Report
• Propose an annual ministry budget, and monitor its expenses with guidance from the church Finance Committee
• Work closely with Sr. Pastor, Children’s Ministry Leader, youth worker volunteers, Holden Christian Academy personnel, Finance Committee members, and outside people involved with youth ministry such as Young Life leaders and Youth Pastors from other area churches

Secondary Responsibilities

The Youth & Young Adult Pastor will also support the Sr. Pastor in carrying out the overall ministry of the church. This may occasionally include:
• Preaching, teaching and conducting services, e.g., funerals and Sunday worship
• Administrative tasks and special projects
• The qualifications of an Elder shall apply. For example, must be of high moral character
• Shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not raise questions about any moral indiscretions Special care must be exercised in his relationship with the students and others
• The Youth & Young Adult Pastor must be in agreement with the Statement of Faith for Holden Chapel
• Must have a vision for effective ministries with the Youth & Young Adults
• Must be effective in communicating the Word of God to this age range of young people
• Be a self-starter and work in concert with others under the Sr. Pastor as he performs his ministry
• Be able to lead and command the respect of adults as he serves in this ministry

Additional Requirements include but are not limited to:
• Passing a CORI (criminal report) check
• Possesses a valid Massachusetts driver’s license
• College level degree in youth ministry or similar
• Experience in youth leadership and counseling
Organizational Responsibilities
• The Youth & Young Adult Pastor is directly responsible to the Sr. Pastor and the Board of Elders

For further understanding, refer to Holden Chapel’s organization chart

Date Modified: 2/12/2013

Job Category: Youth Pastor

Job Status: Full-Time

Denomination: Non-denominational

Worship Style: Blended

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