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Larry Hiles
Senior Pastor
Posted 4/4/2014
Nathaniel Merchant
Associate Pastor, Children's Pastor,
Posted 3/25/2014
Barry Haack
Associate Pastor, Christian Education Pastor,
Posted 4/16/2014
Business Administration
Posted 4/16/2014
moses smith
Chaplain, Christian Education Pastor,
Posted 4/16/2014
Steve Gokool
Worship Pastor
Posted 4/16/2014
Richard Griffith
Chaplain, Family Pastor,
Posted 4/16/2014
Karalyn Eaves
Full-time, Part-time
Posted 4/16/2014
Luke Braswell
College / Gen X Pastor, Jr. High Pastor,
Posted 4/16/2014
Cong Zhang
Business Administration, Church Planter,
Interim, Full-time, Part-time
Posted 4/16/2014

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