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Tyrell Holcomb
Children's Pastor, Youth Pastor,
Full-time, Part-time
Posted 8/4/2014
Steve Jones
Administrative / Executive Pastor, Church Planter,
Posted 8/11/2014
Braden Wachtel
Administrative / Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor,
Posted 7/30/2014
Gary Ihasz
Senior Pastor
Posted 8/4/2014
Secretarial / Office, Worship Pastor
Full-time, Part-time
Posted 8/12/2014
Posted 8/7/2014
Robert Smith
Christian Education Pastor, Counseling,
Full-time, Part-time
Posted 7/29/2014
Mike Moran
Associate Pastor, Combo Role,
Posted 8/13/2014
Charles Speelman
Administrative / Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor,
Posted 8/26/2014
Sam Dowty
Combo Role, Worship Pastor,
Posted 7/31/2014

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